A place so breathtaking that you will lose the sense of time. Our picturesque location in the beautiful Italian countryside makes Colonne Hotel Restaurant the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. The elegant infusion of past and present in our four-star amenities makes Alberto Colonne a true modern day fairy tale. The hotel’s roots can be traced back to the end of the XIX century, and the tale continues today with Michelin-starred Silvio Battistoni as our Executive Chef.

Each dish is a reflection of Chef Battistoni’s creativity, guided by his passion and sensations. Sommelier Nicole Cavalieri works closely with him to choose the accompanying wines. With each course, Chef Battistoni and Sommelier Cavalieri’s creations provide our guests with an evening of truly edible delight at Colonne Hotel Restaurant.

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What the guests say about us

Excellent! Albergo Colonne is a great family hotel. I stayed with my parents, my wife, and my three-year-old son for two nights. We had a wonderful time. Everyone made us feel welcome and treated us as if we were members of the family. Silvio and his staff went the extra mile to make our stay more relaxed and just brilliant all round. Eating at the hotel restaurant proved to be a perfect choice for us. The food was outstanding. Every single course was carefully planned and served. It was a really true masterpiece on a plate: such a good harmony and combination of flavors and textures. Most of the ingredients are from local sources and a commitment to the rich tradition of Italian cuisine. Superb!

po-jung C

From TripAdvisor

Quite simply one of the most idylic places I have ever had the good fortune to visit. Beautiful rooms, with the most amazing view I have experienced from a hotel room. Below this, the restaurant serves delicious food - a special choice of two courses (plus pudding) for guests with the option of an impressive seven course tasting menu. The courses are perfectly matched to the amazing backdrop. The wine list is comprehensive, but not intimidating (I'd advise staying local), with some great value sparkling wines which go far beyond the prosecco people initially associate with Italy. The staff at the hotel are friendly, accommodating and do their very best to make the stay a great one. The town of Santa Maria del Monte, on which the hotel is perched, is breathtaking. A world heritage site seeming unknown to many tourists, it comes into its own in the evening when you can watch the sun set over a perfect medieval town. Its easy to get to the nearby town of Varese and around an hour to the busier towns around Lakes Magiore and Lugano. Despite plenty of excellent holidays recently, this is the first time I have ever written a review, and can't recommend this hotel, restaurant, town and region highly enough - you'd be mad to choose anywhere else!


From TripAdvisor

Per me un punto di riferimento in zona Varese, ci ho mangiato spesso e non ha mai tradito le mie aspettative. Piatti sempre di alto livello e menù che viene spesso variato inserende gradite novità. Location molto gradevole e servizio curato e ordinato.

mirella r

From TripAdvisor

Una vera esperienza gourmet. Ambiente elegante, raffinato e riservato, senza però eccedere nello sfarzo. Piatti molto ricercati, con sapori e accostamenti mai provati. Alcuni da dare i brividi. Personale molto cortese, attento e non invadente. Tempi di servizio perfetti. Nonostante la nostra cena fosse stata acquistata con un coupon, l'esperienza è stata come quella dei clienti "normali". Ci torneremo sicuramente, magari per un'occasione particolare senza coupon. Se si visita il Sacro Monte di Varese, è una tappa da non mancare per rendere l'esperienza indimenticabile


From TripAdvisor

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