"Welcome to our home!", is how Silvio and Nicola welcome their guests. Here, the food is served on instinct and tailored to the different seasons, where the raw materials, chosen by the Chef, are very important. The wine cellar, with an ever growing number of labels, is well-stocked, with tastes from all of the regions of Italy.

Closed on mondays.

Chef and Sommelier

Silvio Battistoni was born in Milan in 1969. When he was young, he decided to follow the footsteps of his father, Franco, a Chef who opened the restaurant "Ghiottone" in Nebbiuno, on the Lake Maggiore. In the early 80’s, he decided to join the renowned School of Hotel Stresa, where he studied under the guidance of professor Albano Mainardi, a pioneer of training in Italy.

After graduation, Silvio interned on the South France coast. He undergoes a training period under the eyes of the famous Chef Maxim at the Hotel Negresco (Nice), at the restaurant Balzi Rossi in Ventimiglia, at the Moulin de Mougins (Cannes) along Roger Vergé side and at the Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo with the Master Chef Alain Ducasse. He worked also at the restaurant Al Sorriso, before he became the executive chef at Cafe Le Théâtre in Lausanne.

Silvio Battistoni
Nicola Cavalieri

Nicola Cavalieri started as a chef, he also studied at the renowned Hotel Institute Maggia in Stresa and experienced an adventure in Switzerland, where he first met Silvio. Different life events led them to decide to return to Italy during the same period: Nicola on the Lombardy side of Lake Maggiore, in Angera; Silvio on the Piedmont side, in Meina.

They joined forces and decided to open a small restaurant in Ispra: the Schuman, in a charming nineteenth-century house. They began their new adventure in 2000 and, only one year after the opening, they received a Michelin Star, the most prestigious award given to restaurants and hotels. Then, Nicola decided to devote himself to his true passion: wine. He began with small steps: he met producers, attending tastings, fairs, and eventually the School of Sommelier.

After more than ten years, their mutual desire to play the game and the passion that united them in the past led them to open yet another creation: the Colonne Hotel Restaurant at the Sacro Monte of Varese. The cuisine of Silvio, made with heart and full of feelings, and the cellar choice of Nicola, are what makes each sojourn at the Hotel a delicious experience.